Traveling Merchant Mecha

General / 23 April 2018

Still practicing my mechanical design, but becoming more comfortable and familiar with it. Definitely enjoying the ride

Rendered Food Truck

General / 11 April 2018

More Mecha and Vehicle Practice

General / 15 March 2018
Weeks 3&4 from my CGMA class. After a lot of critique and studying these were the designs I created. Monster food trucks, and construction mechs. Still learning lots. I think there are definitely some designs in here that I can push to a more completed level. Fun stuff, but definitely challenging!!

Roadster Designs

General / 23 February 2018

I'm in my second week of vehicle design, and having a lot of fun. Applying the critique and moving forward!

This week I drew some classic roadsters with a slight twist (had to use some shapes from bugs for form language practice). I sketched the owner because... well, I love characters! And it helped me visualize the owner. I mean really, can't the cars we own be  extensions of ourselves and what we find important :)

Vehicle Design Practice

General / 21 February 2018
I am not a vehicle designer, but I've always been fascinated with ships, cars, etc... I'm taking a class right now from CGMA with Michal Kus. Hoping to learn and get a lot out of it. Having a lot of fun at the moment, but it's definitely hard!

Another VPA Attempt

General / 09 February 2018

Working more on my sky. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with it, so I'm going to start focusing on something else next... maybe... trees!

More Virtual Plein Air

General / 02 February 2018

Slowly trying to tackle different elements. Working on finding the bigger shapes and getting the value right. Doing some studies to improve different aspects as well :)

wasn't a huge fan with how the clouds turned out so I did some studies afterwards to figure out forms a bit more. Still needs some more work though. Felt like it was a good study session.

Starting Virtual Plein Airs

General / 16 January 2018

Working on simplifying and painting. Trying this year to improve some stuff I've always been too afraid to tackle.

Keeping these to 1-2 hours each.